Welcome to Hebari.net! This site is my ongoing contribution to the rope bondage community and to some degree a chronicle of my journey as a rope bondage artist.

This may seem obvious, but I love shibari. To me it is a wonderful medium to connect with another person. It runs the gamut from performance art to SM device to sensual connection, in that way is more like a language than  a skill set. Like a language you can learn the basics relatively quickly but spend a lifetime exploring the poetry and art of rope.

Here you can find all the materials to begin your own journey with shibari, from educational videos to the ropes and rigging hardware used to tie your partner.

I hope your journey is as rewarding for you as mine has been for me.




The Prison of Our MInds

We aren’t defined by laws or the morals laid down by the profits of non-existent gods, or even the rules of our community. We are only defined by the true gods that are our minds. Able to truly create if given the trust and license to do so, our minds are our only real possession, […]
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20160626 - Dani 0013

Scalpels and Blades

I thought it might be useful to write a post about the tools I use and why I use them. Firstly the type of scarification I do uses a scalpel to either cut a line into the flesh or to remove sections of skin. The handles I prefer are round dental scalpel handles like the […]
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Unconscious Competence

With rope education we are always talking about competence, ego, getting students to slow down and focus on depth rather than breadth, don’t jump ahead yada yada and on it goes. The thing about learning a skill is that it’s bloody boring, it starts out as exciting, the prospect of the wonders to be unlocked, […]
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20160611 - Victoria Rose 0052

Connective Rope

This may seem obvious but sensual rope is about engaging the senses and what may surprise you is there are more than 5. We all know about sight, sound, touch, taste and smell, all first order senses what is often missed are not strictly speaking senses but I’m going to take some poetic license. Sense […]
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Are men allowed to hurt?

As men are we allowed to hurt? Weaken ourselves to feel the pain of emotion? Let our partners down by failing to be calm and strong? As a dom and a man, what weakness are we allowed, what is too much? Is uncertainty an infraction, Then surely crying must be a sin. If we have […]
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20160605 - Willing Pet 0003

Rope Play Top 4

Jokes about what is the right way to tie, or what is or isn’t twue rope aside. I love tying in lots of different ways sitting down in learning mode and working out a tie is great, not sexy but great fun and very rewarding. I love doing circus rope for shows and I also […]
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