13275299_10153617574660950_941952763_oBody mod is something I’m very passionate about, for the moment that is contained to scarification and hook suspensions. I am also about to start training as a piercer and very much looking forward to adding that to my skill set.

For the moment I don’t consider myself a professional at any body mod, though I work hard to maintain a professional approach especially with regards to safety.

In this section you will find images of my work and writings about my journey along with information on safety and care, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments using the contact page

Cutting Professionally

It’s funny how things progress over time. A year ago I was doing a lot of rope and was beginning to do light cuttings on my partner at the time. They weren’t very deep and mostly for play or photography, some we did more than once. It was a really sexual and sensual connection, sharing […]
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Scalpels and Blades

I thought it might be useful to write a post about the tools I use and why I use them. Firstly the type of scarification I do uses a scalpel to either cut a line into the flesh or to remove sections of skin. The handles I prefer are round dental scalpel handles like the […]
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