The following sections are a work in progress and probably always will be. The menu on the right has an increasing number of written and video tutorials covering Japanese Style bondage and other associated areas of interest.

You will find links to pages with tutorial videos, images and descriptions of ties often used for Shibari.

Every effort is made to make sure that descriptions are accurate and comprehensive however if you find a problem or something that’s unclear please send us a message.

Simple Ties
The basis of all shibari are simple ties that we use as elemeind to form more complex patterns.

Body Harnesses
These ties are used to bind the body, some are usable for suspension and some are only advised for floor use.

Head, Hands and Feet
The extremities are where a lot of the fun and personalisation of a tie can come from in both floor work and suspension.

Tsuri / Suspension
Suspension is often the main theme of Shibari shows, though spectacular it requires solid skills and more than a little intuition.

Semenawa – Punishment rope
Semenamwa comprises a range of tying methods that put the subject into a difficult or painful position or apply painful pressure. These are often advanced techniques and not for everyone.

Other Rope Tutorials
Tutorials that aren’t necessarily about tying, including rope making and rope maintenance.

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