Cutting Professionally

October 18, 2016 in Body mod

2016-08-29-20-44-40It’s funny how things progress over time. A year ago I was doing a lot of rope and was beginning to do light cuttings on my partner at the time. They weren’t very deep and mostly for play or photography, some we did more than once. It was a really sexual and sensual connection, sharing something so intimate and intense. I’d liked blood in the past but never loved it, never had that passion behind it until a partner came along that showed me that side of it though their own, and our shared passion and intensity.
Things moved on and by the start of this year I was single and wanting to progress my interest in cutting. With luck Lukas Zpira was in town, someone I’m lucky enough to have as a friend along with his partner Satomi who has been an on and off teacher to me for a long time in rope.
For those that don’t know, Lukas is an amazing guy with a passion for pushing the boundaries of human experience through performance, body mod and art (though I doubt he would separate them).

Lukas is also an amazing cutting artist, and consented to spend a day teaching me and a friend how to improve our cutting. We each got models and spent a great immersive day learning how to gauge depth, how to do curves and improve our cutting process as a whole.

Since then I have been regularly doing cuttings in Sydney, Adelaide and as I travelled in the US and Canada. I’ve had a lot of very trusting people allow me to cut them and I hope I’ve returned that trust with an eye for detail, good process and not overextending myself. The results have been great.

IMG_20160719_161455[1]Somewhere along the line I decided that I wouldn’t start charging until I’d done 50. 50 seemed like a good number, a number that should provide me with enough experience to work in a professional way, to understand different skin types and the effects of cutting different locations and to improve my skills in general, not that 100 or a 1000 wouldn’t be better but it felt like enough.

I also started learning how to draw, and while I’m not Picasso (probably for the best really), I can now get my ideas out on paper and work through them with the person getting the cutting until they are really happy. It’s also meant my cuttings have largely been original work. The side benefit has been that it has also improved my cutting, because cutting has a lot of the same skills.

Last night I’d did cutting number 41, so the time is almost upon me to change direction a little. In retrospect I think 50 has been a good number. I’m looking forward to what next year offers 🙂