Muga and Connection

April 19, 2016 in Hebari's Blog, Rope

20151226-untitled-150Muga is one of those words, if you have heard it you may still wonder what it’s all about. I didn’t get it for a long time to be quite honest. I thought how can I tie with no sense of myself or with no intent? It was only recently that I came to an understanding of it.

On my most recent rip to Tokyo, I have been doing a lot of healing and a lot of growth in general. Clearing my head and working on bad coping mechanisms, so I have been in a very good state of mind to get into feeling my way rather than thinking my way through things.

The click with muga for me came when I got off the station at Harajuku on my way to Meiji-jingu shrine. Anyone that has been to Harajuku can attest to the madness of the crowds, a sea of people to try to get through on the way to anywhere, and I thought to myself “If I wanted to get to the shrine from here I could just force my way through” and then it occurred to me, I’d forced my way through crowds before without much success. The times I’d gotten through crowds in the best way is when I’d kind of gone with the flow, I knew which way I needed to go but then I just waited for the gaps to open up, not gotten frustrated and just felt my way through. To me that is a big part of muga, or at least what I understand muga to be. The goal is known to some degree but the path isn’t set.

In the context of rope, muga for me is about having some idea of where I’m going but then putting that aside in favour of feeling my way through. More than that though it’s about relaxing, putting the ego aside and feeling for those spaces, they are there just the way there is an indefinable right time to kiss someone. None can teach you either, you just need to know they are there, relax and feel for them, when you get it you know.