The Prison of Our MInds

August 23, 2016 in Hebari's Blog

wp-1461033970015.jpegWe aren’t defined by laws or the morals laid down by the profits of non-existent gods, or even the rules of our community. We are only defined by the true gods that are our minds.
Able to truly create if given the trust and license to do so, our minds are our only real possession, and our only wealth.

The great challenge each of us face is forging an alliance with our minds, a partnership of mutual respect.

Most people will never be anything but servants of a mind programmed by others, a cart leading a sad horse to the barren wasteland of other people’s hopes and dreams.

Our only escape is to work to know and accept ourselves, invite our wayward mind to be our team mate, our true partner in crime. Then as a whole and congruent being we can strive for our own betterment with the other travellers brave enough to be their truth.