Bits and Pieces

In our travels we’ve found a bunch of things to use with our rope, from Japanese wash cloths (tenugui) and Japanese wrapping cloths (furoshiki) to a range of other items, we usually don’t get a lot of each and we often can’t get them again so what you see is what we have. Most of the items are a little special and something you won’t see in many peoples¬†possession so enjoy.

 Natural Rope Wax

Naturally twisted rope wax is made from organic materials including bees wax and camellia oil. The wax will help to keep natural fibre rope pliable, soft and strong while giving it a smooth feel that pulls easily through the hands. Apply regularly with a cotton cloth.

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EMT Shears Universal Scissors 18cm EMT Shears Universal Scissors

High quality medical grade EMT Shears are a must have safety item for rope bondage use.

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Tenugui are the traditional Japanese wash cloths, used for a range of things. We like to use them for carrying rope, gags and my favourite, impact play when wet.

Traditional black dot pattern tenugui pictured.

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Furoshiki are the traditional way of wrapping items up to take them from place to place, bento boxes are often wrapped this way though we prefer to wrap our rope. Our furoshiki are purchased in small quantities in Japan.






Plain Furoshiki 90cm/sq

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Printed Furoshiki 120cm/sq

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