The hojo gote is a non-suspension IMG-20160328-WA0000harness built progressively based on the hon musubi or single column tie. At the dojo the hojo gote is the first harness students learn, making an easy progression up from a single column tie up to a functional harness. In the process students learn the fundamentals of friction use, flow and tension control.

The first stage involves tying a single column tie around the wrist with the hands behind the back, from there an inline single column tie high on one arm then over to another inline single column tie on the other arm. With the three cuffs done the loose end of the rope is passed under the middle line and pulled up to the centre and a figure 8 friction brings all three lines together. Once that is done it can be locked off. This is the basic form of the tie.

From here the tie can be extended to a second pair of cuffs below the first again finished off with a friction, in this case what Osada Steve calls a half moon, in effect a square lashing.



IMG-20160328-WA0002After this we progress to two cuffs around the forearms which bring into play L or turning point frictions. The final product is a good working harness that teaches a number of the key elements used in shibari including

  • Single column ties
  • In line single column ties
  • Figure 8 frictions
  • Square frictions
  • L Frictions
  • Tension control
  • Rope handling

For detailed instruction have a look at the tutorial video